As a start up marketing agency in Newcastle, we are what they call a “full service marketing agency”, meaning we deliver marketing and strategy, web and digital, branding and design, and content and social marketing services. Our marketing approach is driven by research, results and return on investment to satisfy our clients and their customers. We believe in building relationships, both with our clients, and helping them build relationships with their customers. We take the time to get to know your business inside out, and get to the heart of what makes you and your customers tick, enabling us to deliver successful marketing campaigns that result in profitable returns.

The Zesty Marketing Agency Name

Various definitions suggest zesty means “lively and pleasing” and “fun and exciting” and as a marketing agency we wanted our campaigns to have the flair that zesty marketing suggests. We wanted the brand to convey this but also look professional and trustworthy so nothing too loud.

Our Brand Concept

The lemon/light bulb represents our brands creativity and understanding of our clients. The colour scheme is very modern and the logo as a whole is very versatile in that the icon can be used across our channels as seen on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Website (www.zestymarketingagency.com)

You are looking at it now. We wanted a simple and easy to navigate website that looks good. We hope you find all the information you are looking for and that you like it too. Please take a look around and if you have any questions please get in touch.