How to Tell a Story Through Social Media – Our Guide

When you hear the word “storytelling,” what often comes to mind are the fairy tales we heard as kids. When you think about them, all the stories have the same structure – a beginning, climax, and happy ending, plus a moral lesson.

Great advertising also conveys rich messages more creatively. Great ads tell a good story, and there are many innovative ways storytelling is used in building a brand.

One way to stand out in the crowded digital space is by having a meaningful mission that is reflected in your branding.

Social Media Stories

How can you best tell a story using social media to build your brand? Here are some tips:

Plan a long story

Social media allows you to go beyond traditional storytelling and advertising. When you think about using storytelling to create your social media content, one of the first things you should do is develop a story that will last for the long term.

Consider what your goals are, who your target audience is, and how you plan to grow your business in the next three to five years, among others. Then, each of your social media posts – blog, video, clip, or image – should be a mini-story that contributes to your business story. With a long story plan, you can hook your target audience for a longer time.

Show your story rather than tell

Storytelling doesn’t always have to be about words. With social media, you can create videos, graphics, and images that will present your story rather than tell it with words. Visual tools can be more engaging to your audience than some bulk of texts. Your story needs to be compelling because you only have a few seconds to catch the viewers’ attention.

Be creative as a writer

Good fiction writers can draw the attention of their readers on the first page of their story. When writing a story using social media, you also need to be creative and bold like a fiction writer. Messages that cut the chase or give clues on what’s to come can grab the attention of your target audience. Your social media stories can also incorporate the elements of a traditional story, including narrative elements.

Get a sense of what sells to your followers

When you have a social media page, you have access to data that show which of your posts get the most engagement. You can see the trend and base your future posts on that and can build your next story based on what sells to your current followers.


Social media is a great tool to use to build your branding through storytelling. You should go beyond the borders of traditional storytelling and be as creative and innovative as you possibly can.

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