One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to run pay-per-click ads. When executed poorly, however, it can yield little-to-no results. A lot of website owners make the assumption that PPC ads are easy to write. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as many imagine. PPC ad copy on many platforms is limited to a certain character count. That’s all you have to capture the attention of any passersby. If you don’t draw them in with what you’ve written, they’ll simply move on to your competitors.

As challenging as it can be to write effective PPC ad copy, it is far from impossible. With a few tips and practice, you can make your ads more effective than ever before.

Here are four things to work on in order to up your PPC ad copy game:

1 // Understand your target audience

It’s easy to fall into a rut while writing ad copy and just talking about the company. In this day and age, however, just talking about what you have to offer isn’t enough. You need to convince your audience that they need something you provide. To do that, it’s important to understand their needs in the first place.

Before you go into sales mode and start touting your products, take a moment to imagine yourself as a member of your target audience. What problem are you being faced with? What can help you solve that problem? How will you seek that solution?

The answers to these questions will help you really understand where your ideal clients are coming from. Your ad copy should be written in response to that information. People are more likely to buy your product when they see that it serves their needs, rather than when they are bombarded with all the features it has.

2 // Talk to your target audience

Learning how to talk to your target audience is crucial in the writing of PPC ads. Consumers this day are drawn to companies with a personal touch, even when making purchases. When you establish yourself as a brand that is helpful, friendly, and willing to address consumers’ personal needs, you’ll be driving conversions in no time!

3 // Add numbers to catch the eye of your target audience

When skimming or scanning information put in front of them, people’s eyes tend to move towards numerical figures. Statistics, prices, and other bits of information with numbers are a great way to make sure people read your ad. Consider including the price of a product or the number of people who loved it in your ad.

4 // Appeal to the emotions of your target audience

One of the reasons why branding is so important is because it appeals to people’s emotions rather than their logic. This can be applied to PPC ad copy as well. The modern consumer doesn’t respond to facts being thrown in front of them. They need to be convinced on an emotional level. They want to be moved.

The first point draws in quite nicely with this one because if you know what your target audience wants, you will find it much easier to play to their emotions. What problems are they facing that you can solve? Whether you appeal to their need to make friends, need to avoid pain, or need to be the best, you’ll find that you’ll be able to drive more conversions when you use emotions.

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