It is estimated that there are between 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites now operating worldwide. With so much choice and increasing sales, competition inevitably becomes fierce. So how do you get your brand or store noticed? One way is to get your online presence perfected. Read on as we provide our 7 must-know eCommerce advertising ideas.

1. Contests and Giveaways

Doing contests and giveaways needs a careful approach. Too many of them, or offering ones with poor incentives, can seem cheap and gimmick-like. You also have to be very careful regarding the rules and regulations for certain social media platforms.

However, when done correctly they can have a huge impact. As well as raising brand awareness, they can get social media followers, add people to your email list and increase sales. They do tick every box.

Contests are most effective when used to market a new product or item. You can offer the product as a prize. Make the entry requirements something that will benefit you, such as sharing the post or providing contact details.

Another method is to team up with another company or brand to give a prize together. For example, if you are a cosmetics company you may approach a fashion brand about offering a complete makeover. You get the added benefit of tapping into their audience.

2. Create Video Tutorials

Creating video is one of the advertising ideas that you can’t afford to miss. It needs to be done professionally, so will cost you some money. However, the rewards can be exceptional.

When you create video tutorials, you are creating evergreen content. This is information that people always need. It could be something as simple as how to fix a leaking tap or how to create a certain hairstyle.

Look into what your customer’s needs and requests are. You could check keywords and phrases related to your niche. Ask them outright in surveys.

Once you have your feedback, create a list of topics. You then need to decide which questions you can answer and transfer this to a professional video format.

3. Invest in Paid eCommerce Advertising

Paid eCommerce Advertising offers a return on investment you don’t get with other advertising forms. Firstly it has excellent methods in which to target your desired demographic. As an example, eCommerce Facebook ads collect data on users and allow you to target certain people based on a huge range of demographics.

Secondly, you can use the pay per click (PPC) method in which you only pay when a viewer clicks on your ad. This means although people will see it, you only pay for traffic that is interested in making purchases or taking a further look at your products. eCommerce Google Ads can let you place these on search engines based on target keywords.

Finally, you can use metrics to adapt campaigns as they go. This lets you see how successful they are in real-time, allowing you to reallocate budgets and increase their efficiency.

4. Set Up Abandoned Cart Emails

When a customer puts items in your cart and goes elsewhere, they often forget to come back. Yet they were only one step away from becoming a conversion. Thus, you need a way to reel them back in and make the sale.

Set up an abandoned cart email service. Make sure the email is customized to include their name and pictures of the items they did not buy. Make sure you send emails within 24 hours of the cart being left behind as a reminder.

5. Use Remarketing Tools

Remarketing is a form of advertising that only targets people who have previously visited your website. They may have left because they got distracted or gone to check other sites. With remarketing, you can remind them what they missed out on and bring them back to your brand.

Facebook, Google, and other online advertising providers have remarketing tools.  All you need to do is add a code known as a pixel to your website to allow access. You then have a wealth of information on the visitor at your disposal.

If they still have not come back after a few days, then you can incentivise them with discounts. After this, make sure you cap the number of times a person is targeted. An eCommerce Agency will be able to keep track of this for you.

6. Create Urgency

Nothing spurs sales like urgency. It could be that you have limited stock left or discounts that only last for 24 hours. Everyone loves a bargain and people hate to miss out.

The caveat is that you do have to be genuine with these. If your sale only lasts 24 hours, then don’t have another two days later. You can get around this by varying offers and how you use them.

7. Think Mobile First

Even in a physical store, most shoppers will resort to a mobile device to check prices and get reviews. That is why you need to ensure you are always optimised for mobile. Any offers or advertising must lead people to a mobile-friendly website.

Not only will it increase sales but it will have a positive impact on your eCommerce SEO. If you have the funds, you may go one step further and invest in an app. This can increase customer service while giving you a 24-hour communication channel with your customers.

Get Assistance With eCommerce Advertising

Now you know these eCommerce advertising tactics, create a plan to implement them. If it seems daunting, don’t be afraid to get assistance. Successful marketing can become a full-time job in itself.

Your first stop should be Zesty Marketing Agency. We can provide everything from SEO to paid advertising. Contact us here to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.

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