Hi I Am Alex Henderson

I started Zesty Marketing Agency in 2017 to help businesses grow with marketing specialists support.

It is hard to believe how many small businesses don’t invest in their business growth and think of marketing as a luxury. Our results prove that investing in marketing can provide a healthy return on investment.

My experience with small businesses, even those that have a marketing team, is that they are typically spending more money and taking more time than necessary to get average results. The reason being a lack of expertise. It is my vision to bring together experienced marketing professionals to offer affordable marketing solutions that delivers results.

How Did I Get Here

I studied Business with Marketing Management at Newcastle Business School before specialising in Digital Marketing by completing a masters degree. It was here that I had the opportunities to develop marketing skills and understand strategy and tactics, learn why they work or won’t work, and as digital marketing revolutionised how businesses can communicate and engage with their customers I was able to be at the forefront of the industry.

At Ribble there was a realisation that, without enough leads every week there could easily be no more business. During the my time there I researched, invested, tried and tested every form of marketing I could think of. You name it and I will personally give you the upside, downside and profitability for your industry. From leaflets, to newspapers, road signage to sign wrapped vans. I’ve literally seen or done them all.

It was here I found out the most important thing in B2B marketing, that for most businesses, the calls and leads are the be all and end all of the whole business.

With a rebrand, new website, fresh marketing strategy, direct mail campaign and search engine optimisation we had found a winning formula. The fundamental cog in the machine is to work alongside a marketing agency with the expertise to fill in the gaps that the two of us did not have. 12 months later and over £6.5m worth of business was secured.

It was here that I had my vision for this marketing agency. With a small team, there was a marketing manger and 3 marketing executives who had to be a jack of all trades. As the saying goes we were masters of none. Although we worked hard, I would be the first to admit that I am not a graphic designer or a paid search specialist, yet had to take on these roles in this position. It was here that I wondered why pay full time salaries when you can pay a team of experts to manage all your marketing for less money. The people they hired were not experienced in PPC, SEO, graphic design or social media, they had few qualifications, and I saw an opportunity for an agency that brings together experienced professionals to deliver affordable marketing to small businesses.

With 3 years marketing experience, a degree in marketing, and an idea, I started working for myself. I didn’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none… that’s who businesses hire to get average results. So I went on the lookout for experienced professionals who can deliver results for my clients. The result is a combined 57 years experience in web design, paid search, graphic design, and social media.

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