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Landing Page Improves Conversion Rate By 45% In One Month

The Challenge

Our dental marketing solution was ideal for this private dental practice in the most expensive and competitive square mile of dental services in the country. If you were to look at the high-value real estate areas in the UK, this practice is right in the middle of one of the most expensive. You can imagine the competition!

Our dental client offered a wide range of services, but wanted more Invisalign enquiries. They had run Google Ads with multiple agencies for a while, but thought they could get better results.

In the first 3 months of running Google Ads with our campaign, this dentist was already able to see substantial performance improvements. Now the challenge was that the results were solid, the results were consistent, but after the initial improvements there was one significant change that could make a significant improvement to the results… the landing page.

This dentist is brand proud. They had an agency build them a fancy and expensive website and they were very proud of it. In their view, there was no problem with their conversion rate, and the campaign couldn’t possibly be improved by sending traffic to a landing page other than their beautiful website. Problem is, a website is great for SEO and as a brochure for referrals, but they often aren’t designed to convert paid traffic.

The Solution

We agreed to use one of our proven landing pages for a one month trial.

We used a nice video background and the offer and the call to action were made really clear. The messaging was targeted for selling Invisalign, with a large heading stating “Invisalign clear line from just £35 a month”. For someone looking at first glance, it creates a fantastic first impression, and shows immediately what this dentist has to offer.

Also on the landing page you’ve got to add trust, this dentist was a diamond Invisalign partner so that was highlighted. Then it talked about invisible braces, finance options available, and other features. Then their testimonials, awards and certifications build more trust.

Ultimately, it may have been slightly less beautiful, but the results proved it was far more engaging and compelling than the website page they were sending the traffic to originally.


The conversion rate jumped from 5.85% to over 8% in the first 30 days, nearly a 45% improvement. As a result, their cost per lead plummeted from £82 to £51.

For Invisalign patient’s worth in the region of £3000 each, a £51 cost per lead is very good.

Before implementing tour Google Ads campaign, they were getting leads for more than £100, this was reduced to £82 before they agreed to the landing page test. To get the cost per enquiry down to £51 was fantastic value for money.

In revenue terms, this dentist had an ad budget of £5k per month and the revenue generated was in the region of £70,000.

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