Simple promotional ideas and marketing tips to increase sales of your company

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Simple Promotional Ideas and Marketing Tips You Can Try to Increase Sales of Your Company The corporate world of today is more competitive than ever before. Companies and businesses are spending incredible amounts of time, effort, and money on their online strategies and campaigns in an attempt to come out on top. Unfortunately, however,

Greggs reverse shop sign as clever marketing stunt

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Greggs reverse logo shop sign as clever marketing stunt Greggs are at it again with another incredible marketing stunt. In the North East Christmas starts with the Fenwick’s Christmas window reveal when the curtain drops on the famous department store's annual display. It is usually around this time that the whole country gets excited for

The advantages and disadvantages of having your marketing agency on a retainer contract

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THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF HAVING YOUR MARKETING AGENCY ON A RETAINER CONTRACT What is a retainer contract? A retainer is an agreement between a client and an agency to work together for a longer period of time, often on multiple projects. It reserves a set amount of the agency’s time for a set

Pros and cons of letting your agency allocate your budget

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PROS AND CONS OF LETTING YOUR AGENCY ALLOCATE YOUR BUDGET Pros Expertise in marketing budgeting A marketing agency that offers to manage your marketing budget often have experience and industry knowledge on how to effectively utilise a marketing budget. Their expertise in marketing budgeting means you will have optimised campaigns that are giving you