What Is WeTransfer?

If you are looking to send a large folder but need it sending quick, then We Transfer is the software to use. It allows colleagues, friends or marketing agencies to send large documents and folders up to 2GB for free with ease. And there is no catch, you don’t even have to create an account to use the system.

However, if you would like to send a folder over 2GB there is the option of paying for the premium service that allows a user to send a document up to 10GB in size.

Step By Step Guide to using WeTransfer

1) Open up a new Web Browser and go to www.wetransfer.com

2) If this is your first-time using WeTransfer an advert may pop up for WeTransfer Plus. If you are not interested and only want the free version, click skip or the take me to free version button.

3) After the advertisement their terms and conditions will appear, just click agree to move on. This shouldn’t appear again, unless you are using a different web browser.

We Transfer step 1

4) To upload your files, click the add your files button and choose the folder or documents you would like to upload.

To finalise click upload or choose and these files will then be added and will be ready for transfer.

We Transfer step 2

5) If you would like to upload more files, click the add more files button and repeat step 4. You can also see how much capacity you have left to use here.

We Transfer step 3

6) Click Email to and enter the recipients email address. If you are sending to multiple recipients, you can add up to 20 email addresses.

We Transfer step 4

7) Then Click Your Email and add your email address

We Transfer step 5

8) If you would like to add a message to go along with the files you are sending. Click message and start typing your message.

We Transfer step 6

9) Then to transfer the files click Transfer.

We Transfer step 7

And that’s it! You’ve done it. The files have been sent to the recipient and WeTransfer will let you know when the recipient has downloaded your files via email.

If you would like to send more files refresh the page and go through the process again as many times as you like.

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