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Marketing budgets are all too often wasted on poorly targeted campaigns that deliver minimal results and lack reporting to show your return on investment.Zesty Marketing Agency excels at applying an analytical approach to marketing and strategy, devising creative campaigns that deliver exceptional returns.

We invest the time in understanding your campaign, researching everything from your competitor’s activity to the behaviours of your target audience. This enables us to develop high impact marketing campaigns that realise results.

The outcome is a creative and dynamic marketing campaign that delivers impressive results.

SOSTAC® Process

At Zesty Marketing Agency for all of our marketing and strategy projects we begin with an audit, followed by setting objectives, and developing actionable marketing activities. We typically follow the SOSTAC® framework which has built an authoritative reputation as the framework of choice for different scales of business including multinational and start-up organisations across the world.

The SOSTAC® process covers six key areas:

  • Situation Analysis
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Action
  • Control

Situational Analysis

Implementing this marketing planning framework is setting out the situation analysis. The situation should provide an overview of your organisation – who you are, what you do and how you interact and trade by addressing internal and external factors impacting the business. This section paints a picture of your organisation and to do this, we consider:

Who your customers currently are (how do they interact with the brand, the platform/s used, demographic breakdown.

SWOT analysis – what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the whole organization.

Competitor analysis – who are your competitors? How do they compete? e.g. price, product, customer service, reputation, what are their key differentiators?.

Marketing channels. list out all the various channels used and success of each for your organisation – what’s performing well or not?.


Zesty Marketing Agency will focus your entire strategy on the Objectives of your organisation. Having looked at the situation analysis which provided an overview for your business, specifically: who you are, what you do and how you interact and trade by addressing internal and external factors impacting your business, we want to know who you want to be and where do you see the business growing.

To help create your objectives, we use two guides to help to create both measurable and realistic goals to achieve for your marketing strategy, focusing on the 5 S’s and ensuring you make each objective SMART.

There are a number of different SMART objectives that can be set for example, lead generation, acquisition or engagement or retention. These objectives set the tone for the rest of the marketing plan. They are informed by stage 1 of our process but also we like to work closely with you to define your expectations of the marketing function.


Strategy means how do you plan to get there in terms of fulfilling the objectives set. The strategy section should also identify which segments of the market you aim to target with your plan.

We have already identified your company will be focusing on its key strengths as detailed in the situational analysis. We know who your competitors are and what they are doing. We have identified who your customer is and what motivates them.

At this stage we cross reference everything we have done so far and address strategies to achieve your company goals. This will be presented in a table as to simply show the alignment between objectives, KPIs and strategy and provide a one page summary of the marketing strategy.


Tactics cover the specific tools of the marketing mix that you plan to use to realise the objectives of your marketing plan. The strategy section should also identify which segments of the market you aim to target with your plan.

When completing the strategy we will go into detail about why we recommend each tactic. These tactics are the things that must be carried out as part of the strategy, This may be to build a new website, design a new logo, optimise the website for search, use pay per click advertising to drive traffic to your website, print brochures, attend events, post direct mail or something else. We tailor align the recommended tactics with your strategy to give you the best chance of achieving your objectives,

The majority of tactics will align with our marketing services. As a full service marketing agency we can associate costs for the delivery of these tactics. The actions detailed in the next section of your marketing strategy will cover the same activities that we deliver as part of our effective solutions for clients.


The next stage of your marketing planning framework is focused on how to bring your plan to life, to make actionable measures.

The action section covers what needs to be achieved for each of the tactics listed in the previous section of the SOSTAC® plan to realise the objectives of your marketing strategy.

For example, if one of the tactics we identify is to use SEO to improve your search position in Google because the situational analysis suggested that the majority of people are searching for phrases related to your business. The actions may be to identify a list of keywords and phrases that your target audience are searching, optimise your pages for those keywords, develop a content strategy that directs people to those pages, and build links to those pages on other sites.


The final stage is to layout how you plan to monitor and measure your performance based on the objectives we develop with you. The tactics have been considered and your control section is providing you with a series of measurements tailored for each tactic.

We set the Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) for each tactic that tie back into the objectives set. This allows you to create dashboards or set up a Zesty Analytics account to ensure you are on track to meet your company goals.

This section also outlines any potential concerns we may have about the success of the campaign. It is important to us to also communicate that there are no guarantees to success that come with this plan, but it will give you and your business the best chance at achieving return on your investment and profitable growth.

We will provide you with a calendar that details recommended timescales for the delivery of the strategy presented to you. We will discuss this with you to ensure it is both realistic and effective in achieving your goals.

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