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Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search.

Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your ad can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours. With 89% people in the UK using Google for searches online, our PPC expert specialises in lead generation through Adwords.

Advertise your business on Google – and drive qualified traffic to your website with fully managed Pay-Per-Click advertising from Zesty Marketing.

Get The People Searching For Your Product Or Service On Your Website

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Packages

We have Google Ads solutions for all budgets to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Google Ads Audit

  • Campaign Structure Review
  • Conversion Tracking Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Identify Negative Keywords
  • Recommendations

Google Ads Lead Generation

  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Call Tracking with Phone Wagon
  • Lead Tracking
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Ad Copywritten
  • Ad Extensions
  • Ad Scheduling and Bidding
  • Network and Budget Management
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Monthly Adwords Report

Ecommerce Google Ads

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • eCommerce Product Feed Support
  • Create/Manage Google Merchant
  • Create Shopping Campaign
  • Create Search Campaign
  • Sales Tracking
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Ad Copywritten
  • Ad Extensions
  • Ad Scheduling and Bidding
  • Network and Budget Management
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Monthly Adwords Report

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the package and social networks that you feel will best meet your business needs. Click ‘Get Started’ above and fill out the contact form to get in touch with us.

We then will send you an email with our Client On-boarding Form to fill in. This form will ask you key questions about your business and who you would like to target with your Google Ads.

Once we have these details, we will begin our research. We analyse the leading competitors in your industry to find out what Google Ads strategy will be effective.

After that we will create your campaign, and then send you a preview before anything goes live.

Google search results are shrinking. Google Ads and directories now dominate the search results, pushing organic listings lower on the page. What does this mean for your website? It may already be pushed to the bottom of page two, below relevant ads, directories and competitors. A well thought out PPC campaign can directly increase the traffic to your website quickly.

We work with a broad range of company types – small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B, B2C and more – across many business industries – construction, manufacturing, horse racing, technology, food, apparel, health and beauty, travel, finance, and more.

Over the years, we’ve helped businesses improve customer service, market their products, and attract customers. Google Ads management requests range from basic to advanced. Our team takes the time to get to know your industry, organisation, and competitors to ensure your site supports all of your goals.

When considering PPC you have to ask yourself: how much is a new client worth to my firm? If an average client is worth £1000 in fees, then you can spend quite a bit per lead and still be profitable. If your products are worth £10 then you need to have a different strategy, this is why we offer an ecommerce solution. With our fees set in £3000 increments we find the greater your ad budget, the more you get from our service. However, we find we can often get good results for ad spends as little as £100 plus our fees.

Significant changes in the past year have created new opportunities.  If you have not tried a campaign in the last few months, it’s time to try again. We have a new process to help improve conversions.

We can take a look at your Google Ads campaigns and make some recommendations for how to improve for free. Or we can do a full audit of your Google Ads for £295. Call us on 0757 037 4938 for a free no obligation chat. If you prefer, you can email us at hello@zestymarketingagency.com

The short answer is that your ad rank is too low. The 2 main drivers of ad rank are Max CPC and Quality Score(though ad extensions are a factor as well), and either may be the cause of your low ad position. The quick fix of course, is to increase your keyword bids until your ad shows on the top of the page. If your quality scores are low, improving click-through-rate via ad copy testing is the most effective method, though this can take many iterations before you start seeing improvement.

Be careful with demanding top ad positions for the sake of top ad positions, as cost-effectiveness should be the main driver of ad position not a desire to be at the top. Click costs can add up in a hurry and spending £100 to generate £50 sales doesn’t make much sense.

90% of people in the UK use Google for searching on the internet. We focus our pay-per-click advertising on this channel as we find it offers the largest number of searches allowing us to be more targeted in our approach and drive better leads to your website. Nonetheless, if Google search is a cost-effective network for you then we can manage your advertising on Bing’s search network. We typically see very similar performance from Bing, just at a lower volume.

Your competition has realised that users looking for your business are potential customers for their own business, and are trying to steal them away. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to stop them from doing so. This can be a cost-effective means of reaching prospects and one that you may consider as well.

Bidding on your brand name is typically a good decision, but it certainly depends. If you find that many competitors are bidding on your brand name, it’s likely a good decision in order to take up as of the results on the page  as possible and ensure searchers find you and not your competition. These branded clicks are generally extremely inexpensive and well worth the few pennies to ensure your competition doesn’t steal your customers or prospects away.

We do not lock you into a contract. You can test this out on a month-to-month basis. If the campaign is not working, or you are not satisfied with the results, you can end it at any time. We offer flat rate pricing for management with a low monthly management of just £295 per month.

We can help! Schedule a call or email hello@zestymarketingagency.com and we will be in touch soon.


average return on investment on spend in Google Ads


of PPC visitors are more likely to purchase than organic visitors


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