Project Description

Ribble Packaging Case Study

Key Project Stats

£6.5m Revenue Generated As A Result of Marketing

40-50% Direct Marketing Response Rate

57% Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Ribble Packaging are an Oldham based packaging manufacturer. They have gone from strength to strength in a just a few years since employing our founder Alex Henderson in 2015 to help establish a marketing team. A marketing strategy was developed in line with a change in the company’s strategic focus and a creative agency were brought in to assist with projects including a full rebrand, website development and an outbound marketing campaign that generated over £1m in annual recurring revenue. Alex recently revisited them to see how the introduction of marketing has changed their business for the better.

The Problem

From Ribble’s perspective they didn’t do any marketing at all until Alex arrived at the company. Their view of marketing at that time was that there was no particular need. They were fairly functional in terms of their product, pretty much knew who their target customers were, most of those target customers knew who Ribble were, and the only form of marketing they had was a website which was there for reference only.

Ribble’s reason for introducing marketing was an increase in competition in an industry that became price driven and they wanted to add value to their service. They made a move out of traditional packaging and the industrial sector and started marketing innovative new services that reduce waste and in turn increase revenue for their customers, but not many people knew this. Many customers (both existing and potential) still saw them simply as ‘brown box manufacturers’ of which there are many. Understanding the needs of new buyers and being able to start a conversation with them was a big challenge.

The Result

The introduction of marketing for Ribble has helped them win contracts with a combined lifetime value of over £6.5 million. The fundamental changes were a rebrand that created a less confusing brand, the introduction of an outbound marketing campaign and a marketing strategy that has worked, is working and continues to evolve according to managing director Stephen Rector. Ultimately, Ribble would not be as profitable and would not have been able to begin positive communications with some of the clients they now work with if they did not decide to invest in marketing.

Project Details


2015 – 2018


Ribble Packaging


Branding, Website Development

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