The corporate world of today is more competitive than ever before. Companies and businesses are spending incredible amounts of time, effort, and money on their online strategies and campaigns in an attempt to come out on top. Unfortunately, however, most companies still end up falling prey to the latest industry trends and fail simply because they focused their energies on solutions that were not suitable for them and added little value.

Surprisingly for many, marketing is a lot simpler than what we have come to believe. In fact, with just minimal efforts in the right areas, you can not only generate more leads and sales than you wanted all along, but the return on investment can – more often than not – exceed every expectation you had from your marketing efforts.

Interested in learning how to make it big in the competitive world of today? Read on to find out some of the best tips and tricks to help you market your company, promote your ideas, and boost sales!

Perform Thorough Market Research

Understanding what’s already going on in the industry is still one of the best marketing tips to increase sales. By performing thorough research and finding out where your competitors are allocating the largest percentage of their marketing budget, you should have a good idea of the type of trends you should expect from the market. It will also give you the advantage you need to stand out from the crowd by developing innovative solutions that your customers and audiences currently may not have access to.

Performing market research and understanding your competitors’ strategies are also much-needed tactics to help you understand where your customers have gone wrong and learn from their mistakes. It’s true that every organisation has to make mistakes in order to learn what works, and yours won’t be any different, but there is no harm in learning from your competitors’ mistakes or hiring an agency that has developed winning processes.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

As crazy as it may sound, the vast majority of companies and businesses shy away from asking their customers and audiences for recommendations or feedback on the products and services that they provide. It goes without saying that it’s impossible to find out what your customers really think about your products or services, if you aren’t asking them for feedback. This is why engaging your current and prospective customer is imperative if you’re trying to boost sales.

While most professionals have second thoughts about asking their customers and prospects for feedback regarding their products and services for various reasons that are justifiable in their own way, using subtle techniques such as offering discounts in return for feedback is one of the best promotional ideas to increase sales and understand how your target audience really feels about what you are offering them.

These learnings should inform your marketing strategy and sales pitch in which you would highlight the features your customers like. This should help you close more deals and increase company sales.

Drive People To Your Website

Increasing your website traffic is one of the easiest ways to increase sales. Think about it… if you have more people visit your website, then more people will call your business, and your sales people can close more deals.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process necessary to improve your position in search engines. You want to be at the top of the listings when people search on Google (other search engines are available) so people find your business. By improving your search position, more people will click on your website, more people call your business, and you make more sales.

Many businesses are now also looking at pay-per-click advertising (PPC) for driving traffic to their website. This is a quick solution that directly affects your website traffic as you pay for each visitor that clicks on your website. A well run campaign directs the right kind of customers to your website so that they have a look around, call your business resulting in an increase of sales.

Leverage Social Media

Leveraging social media and building an online presence is arguably the best and most productive marketing tip to increase sales today. Almost 95% of the population is active on the internet, which means that there’s no better time than now for you to start leveraging the various social media platforms that are available to the public.

By building an online presence that is aligned with your brand image, you can give your audiences an incredibly interactive platform to engage with your brand. Social media also allows you to target larger and diverse audiences by developing highly targeted campaigns.

Another great way in which social media platforms can be leveraged is by posting customer testimonials and reviews of your products or services online. When customers have access to reviews – both good and bad – the credibility of your brand is enhanced. Also, there is no better way to get referrals and convince people to try out your product or service for themselves.

Create Bundles

Often viewed as a good bargain, bundles of multiple products and services are known to attract larger amount of audiences primarily because customers feel like they are getting additional value for minimal costs – we are currently developing marketing bundles at Zesty!

While savings may be nominal, a bundle offer is always seen by the user or customer as an opportunity to save money, ultimately attracting huge numbers of people to your offer.

When it comes to bundles, one of the best promotional ideas to increase sales is to keep your bundles as flexible as possible and ensure that the customer has various options to choose from. You don’t want your customer to feel as though your offer is not for them because they do not need everything in the bundle.

Incorporate Innovation

Customers and audiences have now become more informed than ever. What this means is that they are not only interested in what you have to offer, but are also waiting to see how much effort you’ll be ready to put into the services and products that you are making available. Customers and audiences today want to feel like they are important, which is why any amount of innovation or creativity goes a long way.

By incorporating techniques and integrating tools like chat bots or social media customer service into your marketing strategies for increased engagement, you can only get a better understanding of the needs and requirements of your clients. You will also be able to show your customers and audiences how important they really are, making for a great way to boost sales.

Additionally, visual storytelling is also a surefire way of making the story of your brand or business resonate with your target audience or customers, ensuring that the name of your company comes to mind when they are searching for relevant services or products.

Ready to boost sales like never before? Just think about how these tips could help boost your business sales and get in touch if you want any support.


Published On: July 7th, 2020 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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