Have you been wondering about what the most popular digital marketing trends will be in 2023?

Here’s what we think based on the trends so far.

Increasing User-Generated Content

One of the biggest hurdles that companies need to overcome in the advertising world is raising brand awareness without creating content that feels like a forced advert.

User-generated content is brilliant since you can rely on your consumers to promote your brand on your behalf. People are much more likely to buy goods or services when they see their friends posting photos of their own purchases.

Collecting More Zero-Party Data

The key to any successful advert campaign is to know your target audience as much as you can. While there are plenty of useful tools you can use to collect data, why not ask your customers directly and see what they’re willing to share?

Lots of people are happy to fill out forms if it means that they can have a better experience interacting with your company.

Stepping Up Your Social Selling Game

A simple way that you can boost your visibility online is to run active social media accounts. Social media platforms allow businesses to connect with their audience in a casual manner.

Lots of people enjoy following brands on social media to learn about updates and feel in control of how often they engage with their content.

Creating Short-Form Video Content

TikTok marketing has taken the entire world by storm. The average person wants to keep scrolling to consume more content. While TikTok reigns supreme with Gen Z, you can still reach other demographics by posting on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

You’ll need to make every second count when you’re creating this content. This will ensure that people stick around to watch the entire video.

Humanised Branding Strategies

There’s a common misconception that brands need to remain polished and distant to appear professional. This might’ve been true in the past, but times have changed. The modern consumer understands that a brand is run by a team of unique people.

Do you want to build a strong relationship with your target audience? If so, you need to give your brand a human face. Don’t be afraid to post content that’s silly or heartwarming.

Personal Branding

Brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when posted by an employee, and leads developed through employee social media convert 7 times more frequently.

This is the year of the personal brand. Not only are individuals paying more attention to personal branding but companies are employing a personal branding agency to manage the accounts of their directors and company figureheads. People buy from people after all.

Spreading the Word Through Podcasts

Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. People can have access to great entertainment on the go. From everyday commutes to preparing dinner and even falling asleep at night, people love tuning in to podcasts since they make multitasking simpler.

Once you’ve done more research on your target audience, you can play your ads on podcasts that align with your brand.

Making Smarter Influencer Partnerships

After businesses realised how much money they could make by partnering up with influencers, everyone got whipped into a frenzy. If you don’t take the time to learn about influencers’ personalities and audiences, then you won’t be able to make deals that maximise your exposure.

Be sure that your partnerships make sense so that more people will visit your site to learn about your company.

Expanding to Machine Translation Marketing

Depending on what your unique business is, you may have the option to go global to boost your sales. If you think that this is a realistic goal, then you should start learning about machine translation marketing.

This will allow you to share your content in multiple languages and avoid embarrassing miscommunications.

Teaming Up With Professional Digital Marketing Businesses

Lots of businesses are realising how much effort it takes to create the most effective digital advertising campaigns. This is why they outsource to professional marketing companies to have peace of mind that the final results will be incredible. Whether you invest in a single service or get full care, you’ll be blown away by the success rates.

Did You Know About These Popular Digital Marketing Trends?

The world of advertising can transform at lightning speed. Now that you’ve learned more about the latest digital marketing trends, you can get ready to create much better campaigns.

Would you like to gather more information on how a professional marketing company can benefit your business? Zesty Marketing is here to help with all of your marketing needs. Contact us to hear about our top-notch services.

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