In this digital day and age, every business or working individual has a website as it serves as the host that connects your business to potential customers from different parts of the world.

Unfortunately, many business owners have poor web design or simply use free WordPress templates, which will only put you behind the race to getting user attention amidst the fierce competition. In that regard, good website design is crucial for any business to stand out in the highly-saturated market as it the overall look of your website determines how users see, feel, and react to your business.

After all, you are the image you portray, and as far as first impressions go, one glance of your website can prompt a potential to either click on to your content or bounce off to a different website.

Here are more reasons why your business needs a good web design:

1. Good Web Design Sets the First Impression

Viewers visiting your website can judge your business within seconds, and within that limited timeframe, good web design can make or break the impact it makes on your audience. It’s important to keep in mind that your website will reflect the quality and nature of your brand.

On that note, an appealing look can encourage users to stay and explore your content, and when it is backed up with a responsive and easy-to-navigate design, it can boost up positive user experience.

Statistics show that 66% of consumers prefer to see something that is visually stimulating and pleasing versus something plain, simple, or badly formatted.

2. Good Web Design Aids Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Good web design will incorporate elements that can help boost your SEO, such as properly formatted headings, the size of your rich media files, as well as the overall format of your website. In essence, an SEO-friendly website is one that allows a search engine to crawl and understand pages across your site. Constructing a well-designed website with SEO in mind is the first step to ensuring your visibility in search engine results and promotes improved ranking.

3. Good Web Design Tells Your Customers What is Important in Your Business

Any good design makes use of a defined hierarchy, which is an essential element when building your website. This hierarchy serves to guide the users’ perspective and point out prioritised information, which promotes proper communication, ease of navigation, as well as stronger call-to-action.

For example, a strong visual or simple text block as your main header should be appealing enough to catch people’s attention, all while having the ability to summarize what your business is all about.

4. Good Web Design Should Encapsulate Your Branding

Your website serves as the face of your business and allows potential customers to recognise your business with a simple online search. On that note, it is what creates the image of your business and communicates the quality of your service or products, as well as provide information about what type of brand you are. The colour palette, images, and text fonts used can influence the overall mood and tone of your company, but more importantly, it can directly impact how your customers will react and interact with your website. A youthful brand should have a fun and bright tone, while others may need to have neutral colour and minimalist design for a more serious look.

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