Clarke EV

Creating a standout premium EV Charging brand for Clarke EV

Brand Creation And Launch – A Joint Success

Clarke Telecom reached out to us with their plan to create a new brand for the EV charging arm of their business. They were starting from scratch and decided Zesty Marketing would be the best team to help them create a high quality brand and build an online presence for Clarke EV.

Brand Strategy And Visual Identity

The first step in the development of this new brand strategy, was to define the target audience and understand how Clarke EV wanted to be perceived in the industry. Our Zesty creative team aimed for a distinctive brand positioning that would emphasise Clarke EV as a modern, fun, and playful brand but also remain professional due to the focus on B2B relationships. It became important to develop a unique brand identity that would differentiate Clarke EV from its competitors in an increasingly competitive industry.

Once these elements were in place, Zesty then ideated and developed visual concepts including a logo, a colour palette, custom typography and brand illustrations that formed the new brand identity and captured the essence of the new Clarke EV brand.

The strategy for the visual identity was to develop a distinctive brand illustration set that would be playful and fun in an industry that is usually full of similar imagery of cars, car parks, and EV chargers.

The use of illustrations enabled us to visualise the Clarke EV process in a way that was easy to understand and can be used in marketing and sales materials.

The approved brand identity was then refined and extended to include primary and secondary logos, colour palette, typography, layout and more. We provided brand guidelines and stationary designs. The brand was implemented across all of Clarke EV’s digital channels and we started building the website.

Web Design And Development

We built (and continue to optimise) a single, incredibly robust website that elegantly supports and markets the Clarke EV service offerings, directs users to relevant points of contact, and showcases not only industry expertise, but also Clarke EV’s process and their dedication to their customers success.

With a range of offerings, it was crucial to establish a User Experience strategy that would leverage Clarke EV’s content so when potential customers are searching for EV charging services, they don’t have to dig around for differentiators and have a clear call to action.

As with all our WordPress builds, the backend user experience matters, too. We worked closely with Clarke EV, taking time to consider how they may want to use the website in future with minimal effort to manage and evolve the site beyond our standard hosting and maintenance care service.

From the beginning, we collaborated as a single team with Clarke EV, rather than a traditional client and agency approach. The website’s success is a direct testament to our joint relationship and we’re excited to continue to optimise their website for SEO, create content, and manage their digital presence across digital channels.

Growing The Visibility Of Clarke EV

The first thing to do was ensure when people searched for Clarke EV they found the new website as prospects tend to do their own research online before contacting a business.

This means that, for many prospects, their first impression of a business is going to be the results on Google’s first page. This will shape their impression of that business before you get a chance to talk with them. When you Google your business name, what do you see? If you don’t see results for your business, then neither will your prospects!

It was important, when those prospects click through to Clarke EV’s website they have an opportunity to capture their contact information, giving them a head start in the sales process.

The other primary goal of SEO is to have prospects find you as they search for your service offerings. If a website is ranked on the first page of Google when prospects are searching, then you’re going to get more exposure and more traffic to your website. In other words, more people will become familiar with what you do and how you can help them.

We have seen excellent success in a highly competitive industry for Clarke EV, achieving first page ranking, driving website traffic, and generating opportunities.

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and Clarke EV are no different. As they look to build B2B relationships we have focussed on helping them build their online presence on LinkedIn. This enabled us to share the capabilities of Clarke EV, offer opinions on industry news to develop Clarke EV as an authority in the EV space and another way for potential prospects to make contact with the Clarke EV sales team to grow sales opportunities.

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