In our rapidly evolving world, search engine optimisation techniques tend to change every other day. Do you know the worst part about that? You wouldn’t even have an idea about some of the changes, unless you were keeping tabs on them. SEO hacks may help you rank on the first page of search engines in 2016, but in 2019 some of those SEO practices and tactics are obsolete and have been blacklisted.

That is the reason why you must always stay up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices and techniques. They will allow you to stay at the top of search engine rankings and improve website traffic numbers. Each year hundreds of new SEO updates are released, and this year is no different. To make things easier, we are going to highlight the best SEO practices and techniques no one else is talking about in 2019.

Top SEO Best Practices for 2019

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand SEO best practices. Most of them are simple to follow and execute. If you want to rank higher, then here are the top SEO best practices for 2019:

1. Optimize and compress images

This is done to achieve faster loading times for the pages on your website.

2. Test different hosting providers

Work with the fastest hosting provider, so you can find out where your competitors host their websites, and then compare loading speeds.

3. CTA in headlines and in the title tag

You need to create a compelling CTA in the title tag and headlines of your page. Look at the headlines of your competitors and learn which headlines are the most popular.

4. Optimise your content

You need to focus on long-tail content and optimize it with words that are relevant to user queries. Doing so will help you optimize your content, so your pages rank higher on search engines.

5. Create high-quality, well-researched content

The goal is to captivate your audience, which is why your content must be well-researched, high-quality, topical and fresh.

6. Check your posts for any broken links

No one likes malfunctioning links, so try and fix any broken links on your website. If a user sees the dreaded 404-error page on your website, they will leave the page and the site forever.

7. An internal link is still a link

Create posts with a structure, so that you can use them in your promotional strategy. You can improve the readability of your posts by adding internal links to them and creating a content hierarchy on your website.

8. Don’t get too relaxed with the promotion

Backlinks are still relevant in 2018. If you want to attract massive traffic to your website, you must partner with other bloggers, comment on other posts, give interviews, and participate in communities.

Effective SEO Techniques in 2019

Apart from SEO best practices, we will also be looking at the most effective SEO techniques that are being used in 2019 by businesses. The most effective SEO techniques in 2019 are:

Improve engagement to improve rankings
Make your existing pages longer
Focus on YouTube SEO
Improve site speed
Here they are in more detail:

1. Improve Engagement to Improve Rankings

Engagement is all about grabbing and holding the attention of the user. In SEO, it is used to measure the time a user spent on a page. Google hasn’t officially declared this, but the search engine giant rewards websites that have strong user engagement with higher page rankings.

The reasoning Google uses is that if users spend more time on a page, it is only because they found the page to be useful. Google only wants to deliver the best results possible to its users, so it will push rankings of websites with strong engagement at the top of search engine results pages.

How do you improve your website’s engagement? Here are the best tactics you can use:

Format your posts for easier reading
Improve your bounce rate
Use bucket brigades
Use images throughout your content
Write in the inverted pyramid style
Use these tactics in conjunction with other SEO techniques to improve website engagement and bring about an improvement in your SEO rankings.

2. Make Your Existing Pages Longer

A study conducted by Backlinko stated that the longer the content, the greater the chances of it ranking high on search engine results. So, if you plan on ranking higher in 2018, take your existing pages and make them longer by adding more words to them.

However, make sure that the quality throughout the content remains consistent, because if you’re only increasing the word count without adding much value in the content, it could have the opposite effect.

3. Look at implementing YouTube SEO

You must have already noticed this, but YouTube videos consistently rank in the top 10 of Google Search than any other type of video. Forbes estimates that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, with more than 3 billion searches per month.

You can improve your YouTube SEO through the following techniques:

Make your video SEO friendly
Make longer videos
Use better video thumbnails
Focusing on improving your YouTube SEO will push your rankings to the first page on Google, and help you attract traffic from YouTube as well.

4. Improve Site Speed

Google announced a couple of years ago that it will be using website speed as a ranking factor. It has been coming out with new tools to emphasize the importance of website speed. Google wants websites to load faster, but there is no definition available for the ideal “site speed”.

You must work on improve your website speed, if you plan on ranking high on search engine results pages, and it will also help improve conversions. Surveys have found that 80% of online shoppers who experienced slow website performance will never return to that website again.

So, there you have it. These are the best SEO practices and techniques that no one is talking about in 2019. Well, at least they are some of the most underutilised and least discussed of the SEO content out there. Let us know if anyone of them helped improve your SEO strategy.

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